A HIL Emulator-Based Cyber Security Testbed for DC Microgrids

2021-05-06 19:44 来源 || 浙江大学-控制学院-邓瑞龙老师NESC课题组

In DC microgrids (DCmGs), distributed control is becoming a promising framework due to prominent scalability and efficiency. To transmit essential data and information for system control, various communication network topologies and protocols have been employed in modern DCmGs. However, such communication also exposes the DCmG to unexpected cyber attacks. In this demo, a scalable cyber security testbed is established for conducting hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) experiments and comprehensively investigating the security impact on DCmGs. Specifically, the testbed employs a Typhoon HIL 602+ emulator, which is professional in power electronics system emulation, to demonstrate four (12 at most) distributed energy resources (DERs). The communication network is implemented through the self-loop RS-232 interface. Based on the testbed, we systematically investigate the impact of two kinds of typical cyber attacks (i.e., false data injection and replay attacks). Experimental results show that both attacks will deteriorate the point-of-common coupling (PCC) voltages of the DERs and jeopardize the stability of the whole DCmG.